Finger Prickin’ good!

Blood Test Finger Prick Lancet Comparison

There’s something not quite right with this picture – can you see what it is?

The rise in the number of finger prick kits that we send out for home collection of samples has gone up substantially in the last couple of years, so at Blue Horizon Medicals it has made sense to research the lancets available for capillary blood testing. Not getting enough blood to test a sample, or taking too long to draw the blood and hence sending in a haemolysed (clotted) sample to lab can have time and money implications for not only our patients, but also our administration team as well as the laboratories that we deal with.

What patients are really after.

It is important to remember what our patients are really after when they ask for private home blood testing services – they are not looking for a hole in the finger – what our patients actually need are a reliable set of blood test results in a timely manner. Having a failed sample taking experience is FRUSTRATING – some people will simply not bleed well with finger prick blood tests, whether it is because of thick skin, a very efficient clotting process or poor peripheral circulation – and when faced with this scenario people will have to decide if they wish to try again with another fingerprick blood test, or try a phlebotomy option with our nurse visit service or BMI hospital phlebotomy service. Alternatively a visit to a Spire or Nuffield Hospital may be desired, or a trip to London may be more convenient.

Time and Cost Factors.

For the patient a delay could mean more days without the blood test data required – this could also result in significant tertiary costs and having to rearrange appointments. At Blue Horizon Medicals our medical secretaries will spend time rearranging replacement kits to be sent out, or arranging refunds. The laboratories will be unable to carry out testing and will need to await instructions from Blue Horizon. So all in all, it’s in everybody’s best interests for a successful first time sample collection.

Top Tips for a Successful Finger Prick Blood Test.

  • Check you have everything that you need.
  • Don’t rush – relax!
  • Do not squeeze your finger tightly, this may damage the sample.
  • A slow and gentle squeeze and release works well (like milking a goat!)
  • Wipe the site with cotton wool to remove clots
  • Re-warm your hand if necessary.
  • Hold your hands in front of you and shake them about!
  • Ball your hands into fists and keep them clenched for ten seconds, then release – repeat three times.

We have picked the best lancet for you.

OK – I can’t really balance the lancets on my fingers like this – it’s all done in photoshop. Plus hopefully by now, you’ll have figured out what was not quite right about the picture! We trialled 7 lancets in total, and found that the one that drew the most blood consistently (from my poor fingers) was the BD Blue Lancet.

The 2017 Lancet award goes to... the BD Blue!
The 2017 Lancet award goes to… the BD Blue!


  • WINNER – The BD Blue Lancet.
  • Depth of 2mm.
  • Uses a small blade rather than a needle to open more capillaries.
  • Draws more blood consistently.
  • Penetrates 7 sheets of 90gsm paper – other lancets could only manage 5 or 6.
  • More patient satisfaction than other lancets tested.
  • Less patient complaints than other lancets tested.
  • Less need for rebleeds, which
  • Saves Time
  • Saves Money




Best blood test lancet paper test


Blue Horizon Patient Choice.

We’ll always include 3 lancets in our postal finger prick blood test kits for you, but if you have experience pricking your fingers and feel you need more, just let us know when you’ve ordered and we’ll gladly pop another couple in the pack for you.

Any questions, call us Monday to Friday from 9am to 9pm on 0800 999 1110

Paul Harris

Founder – Blue Horizon Medicals.