COVID-19 Coronavirus – New Facts and Information

Social distancing and coronavirus: The science behind it

The greater the risk of infecting others or catching the virus is when you are in close proximity to others. The 2-metre rule has been opted for by the UK but The World Health Organization says that a distance of one metre is safe.
your chances of catching the virus go up if you spend long periods in such close proximity, the UK government advises that 15 minutes is the maximum time to stay with someone when talking face to face.

Can I get tested and where?

On 30 April, 122,347 coronavirus tests were provided across the UK.

Currently in the UK testing has been expanded to include anyone with symptoms who is:

  • over 65
  • cannot do their work from home
  • living with those identified above

As of 2nd May 2020, no home antibody test has yet proved to be reliable enough to be used.

Private tests for COVID-19 are available

Looking at testing now, there are basically two groups of tests – tests to show if you have the illness, and tests to show whether you have had the illness.

Dr Graham Johnson from Blue Horizon Medicals said;
“Researchers are also still deciding which antibodies their tests should look for. Some antibodies are made early in an infection and go away, usually within a few days or weeks (IgA and IgM decline after 5 days or so), while others (typically IgG) can persist for months or years. IgG is looking to be the preferred candidate, but as already stated it takes time to develop and will probably only become detectable by ELISA testing after at least 14 days. Blue Horizon have opted to test only IgG for consistency and because we believe this will be the gold standard on larger scale programmes.”

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