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BMI is probably the most recognised and respected private Healthcare Organisation in the UK.

Blue Horizon Medicals operates a pathology referral system to BMI Pathology Services using which is easy to use and includes a GP referral.

Key Features.

  • BMI Sites – not postal.
  • All Inclusive
  • A wide range of Tests
  • Participates in Pathology Points scheme.

Premium BMI Service

Of all the National Private Blood Test services provided, this one is probably the most fluid and less prone to error and delay. You are able to request and pay for a blood test online, then arrange an appointment from one of the many participating private hospitals. Take your email confirmation with you to the appointment (this is also a GP’s referral) and one of their phlebotomists will take the blood. Results, when ready will be sent to Blue Horizon Medicals.

All Inclusive

This is an all inclusive service..

  1. GP Referral – included
  2. Blood Draw – included
  3. GP comments on results – Included

No more to pay. You won’t be asked for consultancy fees or charges, there is nothing more to pay at all. Once you have paid for the tests on the website that is it!

A wide range of tests

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There are general tests available for health screening, but there are also more specialised tests such as antibody tests, fatigue, fertility and nutritional tests. You can search by category, or there is a search function which works well.

Pathology Points

Pathology Points

By ordering blood tests you will earn Pathology Points® which you can either spend on this website for further discounts in addition to any coupon codes you enter, or any other of our participating websites.

Redeem them at any point, use them towards payment of other tests, or collect them and buy a test outright for you or a family member using your points, it is up to you.

  • Each Test will show you how many Pathology Points you will earn.
  • Once in the shopping cart, the number of Pathology Points that you will earn for that order will be shown.
  • Each Pathology Point is worth £1.00 and can be redeemed against future blood test orders.
  • Currently available to earn and spend on this website, as well as other Blue Horizon Medicals websites. Other websites available as they get updated to accommodate this new system.

Visit site now.. 

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