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Entreprenurse founder of Blue Horizon Medicals, Editor of Bloodtests.uk - aiming to get private blood test access to 1 billion people wordwide by 2020, and 6 billion by 2025.

Finger Prickin’ Good!

There’s something not quite right with this picture – can you see what it is? The rise in the number of finger prick kits that we send out for home collection of samples has gone up substantially in the last couple of years, so at Blue Horizon Medicals it has …

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Why I started Blue Horizon Medicals

A lot of patients ask me how I got into blood testing – it’s an ongoing story really – before starting my nursing training I was fed up of the meaningless nature of private sector work and wanted nothing more than to work for the NHS so that I could give …

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My Nuffield Blood Test Results

I’ve got to say that I’m pretty pleased about these results – you may remember at the end of my last post I was expecting High cholesterol, glucose and TSH, as well as low levels of Vitamin D. Glucose/HbA1c Given that I forgot to fast (you should ideally fast for …

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London Price Comparison

How does BloodTestsLondon.com compare to other London Services? To satisfy my curiosity about how other blood testing service providers in London compare to www.bloodtestslondon.com I asked an independent market research company to obtain costings for a “Overall health Profile” plus Testosterone and Magnesium – Blood Tests London do this for £163.25 all inclusive, …

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User experience – Plymouth Nuffield

I have been ‘volunteered’ by the staff at Blue Horizon Medicals to try for myself the service that is currently being offered through Blue Horizon for Referrals to Nuffield Health for Private Pathology Tests. This comes at a good time for me, as I’ve come to what my wife refers to as …

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Private Referrals to Spire Healthcare Hospitals

A good range of blood testing profiles are available at Spire Healthcare Hospitals through Privatebloodtests.co.uk With over 500 blood test profiles and over 30 Professional blood testing locations this Pathology access service by Blue Horizon Medicals seems to be getting increasingly popular with UK residents and visitors. Key Features. Not …

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Private Referrals to BMI Hospitals

  BMI is probably the most recognised and respected private Healthcare Organisation in the UK. Blue Horizon Medicals operates a pathology referral system to BMI Pathology Services using www.privatebloodtests.com which is easy to use and includes a GP referral. Key Features. BMI Sites – not postal. All Inclusive A wide range of Tests Participates …

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Blood Test Referrals in London

London blood testing services are many, but patients that utilise the London service by Blue Horizon Medicals realise that for speed, service and convenience there really is no better option. The only regret is that this service is available in London only! Key Features Simple – Order online and just …

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