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COVID-19 Coronavirus – New Facts and Information

Covid-19 testing

Social distancing and coronavirus: The science behind it The greater the risk of infecting others or catching the virus is when you are in close proximity to others. The 2-metre rule has been opted for by the UK but The World Health Organization says that a distance of one metre …

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Corona Virus tests available in the UK through accredited Laboratories

COVID-19 Home Coronavirus Test Kits

There are now a number of Coronavirus test kits being offered by reputable blood testing companies, most of which will be working with a verified CQC accredited Laboratory. Although the NHS is hoping to test hundreds of thousands of people each day, only around 10,000 – 15,000 people a day …

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Finger Prickin’ Good!

There’s something not quite right with this picture – can you see what it is? The rise in the number of finger prick kits that we send out for home collection of samples has gone up substantially in the last couple of years, so at Blue Horizon Medicals it has …

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Vitamin B12 – Advanced Testing.

active b12 testing

We believe this profile is a little gem – so much information about red blood cell health – and more – can be gathered from the tests within. And very few profiles offer Active B12 levels as standard –with this knowledge you can be far more confident of your true …

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